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DGA Statement on New Republican Health Care Bill

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Connecticut Governor and DGA Chair Dan Malloy and Washington Governor and DGA Vice Chair/Chair-elect Jay Inlsee released the following joint statement on the amendments to the Republican health care bill:

“This new proposal is nothing more than the reheated leftovers of the failed TrumpCare bill,” said Malloy and Inslee. “Just like last month’s bill, this one would slash Medicaid funding, throw millions out of health coverage and leave states holding the bag.

“The only fresh idea in this proposal is a new way to raise insurance rates on sick people.  States are happy to work with the federal government on strengthening health care, but we never asked for the flexibility to jack up premiums on people with pre-existing conditions.  Congress should again reject this disastrous proposal that would wreck state budgets and cut millions off of health care coverage.”