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DGA Statement in Response to Governor Kim Reynolds’ Condition of the State Address

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Today, DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller released the following statement in response to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ Condition of the State address:

“The condition of the state will be a whole lot stronger once failed Governor Kim Reynolds is out of office, and Iowans won’t be fooled by her rhetoric today. They know that under Reynolds’ leadership, Iowa’s schools have been underfunded, Iowa’s economy has been faltering, and Iowa’s families have been struggling. That’s why new polling confirms Governor Reynolds is one of the most vulnerable incumbents across the country.

“Iowans have had enough of Reynolds’ wrong priorities that put special interests and a partisan ideological agenda ahead of Iowa’s families and small businesses at every turn.

“Fortunately, Iowa’s Democratic candidates for governor stand ready to bring change and find common sense solutions to move the state forward.”