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DGA Sends McCrory Suggestions for Replacement Posters in State Buildings

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DGA Sends McCrory Suggestions for Replacement Posters in State Buildings

McCrory caught using taxpayer money to replace NC photos with poster of…. himself

Pat McCrory won’t repeal HB2, but he will replace posters in state buildings with propaganda about…himself.

Last week, McCrory was caught borrowing a page from the Soviet propaganda playbook: Using taxpayer funds to promote his re-election message in state buildings.

  “Early Thursday afternoon, posters advertising movies filmed in North Carolina and hanging inside the front lobby of the state’s Department of Administration were replaced by a photo of Governor Pat McCrory, touting his increases in statewide teacher pay,” reported online news source Raleigh Agenda.

Today, the Democratic Governors Association sent McCrory a list of 5 alternative posters that would tell the real record of his four years in office.

As McCrory continues his questionable redecoration of state agencies, here are some suggestions that could really tie the room together:

*Important note: All images are high resolution for at home and in-office printing, and can be found on this Medium post.

  Poster-leader-41st-teachers Poster-leader-44th-pupil-spending Poster-leader-hb2-morethan Poster-leader-hb2-repeal Poster-leader-taxes