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DGA Responds to New Gillespie Ad By Re-Releasing Archived Gillespie Website

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New Gillespie Ad Touts ‘Tougher Lobbying Reforms’   

In 2003, Bragged That Gillespie’s Access to the White House ‘Puts Him in Perfect Position to Help His Clients’
In a new TV ad today, Washington “super-lobbyist” Ed Gillespie touts his plan for “tougher lobbying reforms” in Virginia.
In response to Gillespie’s jaw-dropping claim to support lobbying reform, the Democratic Governors Association re-released Gillespie’s 2003 website touting his insider deals as a lobbyist with access to the West Wing.
The archived website is available here:

The Federal Paper, October, 2002
“Gillespie also advises the White House, which puts him in a perfect position to help his clients. ‘Ed conveys what the president and the people around him want conveyed’ and that helps him sway policymakers toward his clients’ views as well, one Republican lobbyist said of Gillespie. The lobbyist added that Gillespie uses ‘the appropriate intensity’ in delivering his message, whether helping the White House or working for a client, and that his involvement in shaping the message gives it more legitimacy with policymakers.”The Washington Post, June, 2002
“At the juncture where lobbying, politics and punditry meet – where traditional job descriptions and professional restraints have virtually evaporated – Ed Gillespie has emerged as a one-stop power broker. He advises top White House officials, works for GOP congressional campaigns, lobbies for major corporations and opines on political talk shows.”
The Washington Post, June, 2002
“‘Eddie can paint the picture and then design the museum where the picture is going to hang,’ said Karl Rove, Bush’s top political advisor.”
Influence Online, May, 2002
Quinn Gillespie & Associates ranked #6 in “The Influence Revenue Report” of top grossing lobbying practices of non-law firms.
Dallas Morning News, February, 2002
“Many Republicans helped their party take control of Congress in the 1994 election. Many helped put George W. Bush in the White House. Ed Gillespie can make both claims.”
National Journal, November, 2001
“Today, Quinn Gillespie is in the top tier of K Street firms. For the first time, the firm broke into the list of the 10 top lobbying firms in Washington, ranking tenth in National Journal’s midyear 2001 survey.”
The New Republic, July, 2001
“Maybe [Ed Gillespie’s] greatest value to the party is his ability to connect with the rank-and-file members, the guys that understand that there’s this communications element, this political/strategic element to what we’re doing as conservatives,” says a White House staffer, referring to Gillespie’s Hill connections. “Go look from 1994 to today, and if you step back and look at the big-picture direction of the country, the major political events, Eddie hasn’t been on the fringes, he’s been in the center.”
The New York Times, July, 2001
“Microsoft and its allies have hired a virtual dream team of lobbyists. They have included … Jack Quinn, the former White House counsel …”
FORTUNE, May, 2001
Quinn Gillespie & Associates ranked 11 in “The Power 25,” FORTUNE’s list of Washington’s most powerful lobbying groups.
Influence, May, 2001
Quinn Gillespie & Associates ranked 12 in “The Influence Revenue Report” of top grossing lobbying practices for non-law firms.
National Journal, April, 2001
“The rookie of the year award for 2000 goes to Quinn Gillespie & Associates.”
Wall Street Journal, March, 2001
“Possessed of a quick wit and sharp political mind, Mr. Gillespie became one of Mr. Bush’s most trusted communications advisers during the 2000 presidential campaign.”
The Washington Post, March, 2001
“Joint ventures such as Quinn Gillespie & Associates, a partnership between former Clinton White House counsel Jack Quinn and Ed Gillespie, who served as spokesman for House Majority Leader Richard K. Armey (R-TX), are flourishing.”
Influence Online, February, 2001
“Quinn Gillespie & Associates, whose doors opened in January, 2000 with eight lobbyists, has swelled to 17 professionals with the recent additions of Marc Lampkin, a top aide on the George W. Bush presidential campaign, and Marti Thomas, who joined from the Clinton Treasury Department and is a former staffer to House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt (D-Mo.)”
Roll Call, January, 2001
“A rising star even among the Republican elite, Gillespie worked for Armey and then worked for Barbour, who was RNC chairman at the time. After serving as president at Policy Impact Communications, Gillespie teamed up with ex-Clinton White House counsel Jack Quinn to form their new firm.”
Roll Call, September, 2000
“Late last year, the duo formed a bipartisan lobbying shop, Quinn Gillespie & Associates, which is sure to become a powerhouse regardless of who wins the coming election.”
Influence Online, September, 2000
“Though it’s unlikely that any firms will break into the top four [Influence Magazine 25], one shop in particular is poised to break into the top 25 after a seemingly stellar debut year. Quinn Gillespie & Associates expects to pull in about $8.5 million.”
Influence Online, August, 2000
“The union of Republican spinmeister Ed Gillespie and Democratic heavyweight Jack Quinn ranked as one of the most significant events in the post-millennial lobbying business.”