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DGA Releases Video on KY-GOV: ‘The Ugly Turn’

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WHAT THEY’RE SAYING IN KENTUCKY: ‘Uninspiring field’ devolves into ‘sordid mess’

Lexington Herald-Leader: ‘The biggest winner of this saga is Jack Conway’

Today, the Democratic Governors Association released a new video, “The Ugly Turn,” highlighting how the divisive Republican primary in Kentucky has taken a nasty turn that will hurt Republicans in the general election.
“This scorched-earth primary has exposed the Kentucky GOP field for who they really are: far-right candidates who will say and do anything to help themselves,” said DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson. “Whoever wins Tuesday will emerge as a weakened candidate for a bitterly divided Republican Party.  Kentuckians want a governor who will put Kentucky first and fight for job creation. All three of the GOP candidates have failed that test.”
Below is a summary of coverage from Kentucky newspapers and TV stations from the past month. Kentucky newspapers have editorialized that the GOP race is a “sordid mess,” which is “on the verge of bursting into a black cloud of internal strife and rage.” And the Northern Kentucky Enquirer – a paper that endorsed Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and John Kasich – editorialized that it was an “uninspiring field” that “all believe in some things we think are just wrong-headed.”
[Lexington Herald-Leader, 4/30/15]
[Louisville Courier-Journal, 4/30/15]
Glasgow Daily Times editorial:
“No one should come out of this primary election with warm and fuzzy feelings about the state of Kentucky’s GOP – which appears on the verge of bursting into a black cloud of internal strife and rage.” [5/9/15]
Danville Advocate-Messenger editorial:
“A Republican primary race that had seemed headed straight for the political ditch for more than a month has exceeded our grimmest expectations. …
“…sordid mess…
“Voters are left with a potentially nose holding, lesser of several evils decision to make on election day.” [5/11/15]
Northern Kentucky Enquirer editorial:
“…an uninspiring field for this Republican primary…Frankly, they all believe in some things we think are just wrong-headed.” [5/10/15]
Kentucky AP:
Things seemingly couldn’t get uglier in this bitterly contentious Republican primary” [5/7/15]
Sam Youngman, Lexington Herald-Leader political reporter:
“The biggest winner of this saga is Jack Conway” [5/7/15]
Ronnie Ellis, CNHI political reporter:
“The Republican Party of Kentucky will be roiled by this in previously unforeseen ways extending past the May 19 primary election and outcome. People are choosing sides and pointing fingers, and some of them are pointing not only at the gubernatorial candidates but at current state and federal Republican officeholders. Some usually level-headed Republicans on either side of the Comer-Heiner line have already told me they won’t ever forget the roles others played in the mess. The controversy could potentially rip RPK apart with unpleasant future consequences for other Republican office holders and aspirants.” [5/8/15]
Bowling Green Daily News columnist John David Dyche:
“[The GOP primary] has now degenerated into a squalid affair of ugly accusations, finger-pointing, threats, and unanswered questions. …
“Conway clearly profits from a bitterly divided GOP.”
James Pilcher, Northern Kentucky Enquirer political reporter 
“…the Republican gubernatorial campaign this past week more resembled a soap opera or even a pro-wrestling match – perhaps without the full body slams.” [5/3/15]
Bill Bryant, Host, KET-TV
“The debate has stepped away from issues that are in the public – like jobs and taxes and education – and into some strong accusations and strong denials.” [5/8/15]
Newspaper headlines:
·      “GOP race for governor turns toxic amid allegations of abuse” [Lexington Herald-Leader, 5/4/15]
·      “GOP governor race gets nasty” [Northern Kentucky Enquirer, 5/3/15]
·      “GOP ‘traveling caravan of ignorance’” [Louisville Courier-Journal, 4/24/15]
TV coverage:
·      “12 days until Kentucky’s Republican primary for governor, the race is in disarray.” [WPSD, 5/08/15]
·      “This race has taken an incredibly personal and nasty turn.” [WAVE, 5/07/15]
·      “Called the nation’s nastiest campaign of 2015. And this morning the Republican race for Kentucky governor lived up to its billing.” [WKYT, 5/06/15]
·      “The mud continues to fly in Kentucky’s gubernatorial race.” [WHAS, 5/06/15]
·      “It has turned into a nasty campaign in recent weeks.” [WKYT, 5/06/15]
Meanwhile, on Democrat Jack Conway….
Lexington Herald-Leader editorial:
“Conway, now in the final year of his second term as Kentucky’s attorney general, also served for six years in senior positions in the administration of former Gov. Paul Patton. This experience has given him a deep, up-close knowledge of what’s involved in running state government.
“Under Conway, the attorney general’s office has been recognized as one of the most aggressive in the nation in pursuing Medicaid fraud, returning over $260 million to the state’s Medicaid program.
“Other impressive wins: $64 million recovered for the state and individuals from
joining national litigation over mortgage fraud and $32 million that will be directed to drug abuse treatment as Kentucky’s share in a national action against pharmaceutical manufacturers.
“Conway’s office has also sued Purdue Pharma, maker of Oxycontin, in state court,
seeking damages for the wreckage wrought on the state through prescription drug abuse.” [5/5/15]