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DGA Releases Video Highlighting Criticism of Mike Parson’s Decision to Ignore Warnings of a COVID-19 Outbreak at a State Office and Visit Anyway

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Parson Then Appeared Maskless At Events In The Following Days, Tested Positive for COVID-19 One Week Later

The DGA released a highlight reel of news coverage following revelations that Parson knowingly visited a state office building with a COVID-19 outbreak last month – and it’s clear from the video that Missourians aren’t happy.

An investigation from last week revealed that Parson was warned in advance about an outbreak at the Truman Building – but he visited the office anyway. In the following week, Parson also went to a veterans’ home, a restaurant, and other public events, sometimes without a mask, and he didn’t notify anyone that he had potentially been exposed to COVID-19. Parson tested positive for COVID-19 one week after his visit to the Truman Building.

Parson’s failure to notify others about the COVID-19 outbreak at the state office building, and his refusal to wear a mask when around others reflect the poor decision-making and lack of personal responsibility that have characterized his entire response to the pandemic.

Recent polling shows Missourians know Parson’s failing on the pandemic – Parson’s approval rating has dropped over 20 points since April to a mere 39%.

Watch the video here.

“This incident has finally made clear Mike Parson’s plan for the pandemic – to pretend it’s not even happening,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “With hospitalizations surging, Parson doesn’t plan to change course or listen to public health experts because he thinks the state is on the ‘right track.’ In reality, his handling of the pandemic has been nothing short of a complete disaster.”