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DGA Releases New Video, “Shortages“

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Today, the Democratic Governors Association released a new video, “Shortages.”

As the nation faces shortages of medical resources, President Trump is trying to avoid blame and put all the responsibility on the state governments. Democratic governors have stepped up to lead the country through the COVID-19 crisis where Donald Trump has left a leadership vacuum, but they need the full support of the federal government to get enough ventilators, respirators, personal protective equipment, and other essential supplies.

“Donald Trump is failing the American people,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “He has left a leadership vacuum in a time of national crisis. Luckily, Democratic governors are filling in and collaborating with their fellow governors to find solutions. The president needs to stop criticizing governors, and start delivering the medical supplies they so desperately need to fight this virus.”

You can watch the video here.