DGA Releases New Video: “Making News“

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Today, the Democratic Governors Association released a new video, “Making News,” highlighting how Matt Bevin is making news for all the wrong reasons.
Over the past month, Bevin’s feud with his own lieutenant governor, Jenean Hampton, has escalated. At first, Bevin said he “doesn’t know anything” about the circumstances leading to the firing of Hampton’s deputy chief of staff Adrienne Southworth earlier this month. Last week, his chief of staff admitted to authorizing the firing of Southworth. Last Monday, Hampton fired back in a statement, calling Bevin’s chief of staff a “partisan hack,” and arguing that he “overstepped his boundaries.”
A messy feud that stays in the news is the last thing Bevin needs right now.
After a historically poor primary performance, Bevin now faces members of his own party who are arguing that this feud will have impacts on Bevin’s re-election bid, with the spokesman of the United Kentucky Tea Party saying, “There are a whole lot of tea party people who got out and worked for Matt Bevin’s campaigns in 2014 and 2015 who will not do that this year.” One of the founders of the Owensboro Tea Party even said, “Jenean Hampton is a constitutional conservative. Matt is just a damn Republican.”
Watch “Making News” here