DGA Releases New Video, “Liar”

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Today, the Democratic Governors Association is releasing a new video, “Liar.”
You don’t need to take our word that Phony Eddie Rispone has a problem with the truth. Take it from GOP Rep. Ralph Abraham: Eddie Rispone is a liar.
Louisiana Republicans warned Abraham and Rispone not to take the gloves off to no avail. Rispone’s attacks “turned off a lot of Republicans.”  But Rispone went straight ahead with ripping the party apart.
“Ralph Abraham knows Eddie Rispone is a liar and Louisiana voters know it too,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “If fellow Republican Ralph Abraham knows Rispone a liar, why should Louisiana voters trust anything he says? In this runoff, Eddie Rispone is going to have trouble overcoming just how phony he is.”   
Watch the video here