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DGA Releases New Video “Confusion”

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Today, the Democratic Governors Association released a new video, “Confusion”. 
Chris Sununu has repeatedly ignored expert opinion and sent mixed messages to Granite Staters in the middle of the COVID-19 public health emergency. He has repeatedly downplayed the severity of the crisis saying there was a “very low risk” to New Hampshire as experts were warning that deaths nationwide could reach into the millions. He also parroted the completely false Trump talking point that COVID-19 is just like the flu, again flying in the face of expert guidance.
Sununu has consistently led from behind during this public health crisis. Whether it’s banning large gatherings, declaring a state of emergency or closing schools, he has lagged behind governors in neighboring states. 
“Chris Sununu failed to have a clear and consistent response to COVID-19,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “Telling Granite Staters they are at ‘very low risk’ and peddling the dangerous lie that this epidemic is the same as the flu flies in the face of prevailing public health guidance and expert opinion. Americans are taking their cues from their governors — Chris Sununu needs to take this crisis seriously.”
You can watch the video here