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DGA Releases New Video: “Calls”

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Today, the Democratic Governors Association released a new video, “Calls.” The video highlights Matt Bevin’s troubles to unite his party after barely garnering over 50 percent in the Republican primary as a sitting incumbent. Bevin has angered Tea Party leaders and is now openly feuding with his lieutenant governor.
The family feud started earlier this year when Matt Bevin summarily dismissed and replaced the lieutenant governor as his running mate and received backlash from his own party for his last-minute and chaotic decision. Then a week later, Matt Bevin unilaterally fired her chief of staff. Now, Matt Bevin has fired her deputy chief of staff.
The family feud raged on last week when the lieutenant governor alleged that she is battling “dark forces” within the Bevin administration because of the unauthorized firings. The wife of the lieutenant governor’s former chief of staff called out Bevin’s “raging abuse of power” in a Facebook post.
The family feud persisted this week as a former staffer of the lieutenant governor criticized the Bevin administration for the unauthorized firings, saying: “I’m not exactly sure whether we need to call Ghostbusters or we’re looking for the Phantom of the Opera or what’s going on, but we need to get answers.”
The staffer’s husband alleged Bevin personally threatened Hampton with firing his wife on “a handful of occasions.” He went even further, stating: “My wife has worked in a culture of intimidation and harassment for three and a half years when it comes to Bevin and most of the upper echelon in his administration. To say I am infuriated would be an understatement at this point.”
This debacle caused a local radio host to ask Matt Bevin: “Who’s in charge in Frankfort?”
For Matt Bevin, the calls are coming from inside of the house.
Watch the video here