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DGA Releases Digital Ad Campaign Against Missouri Gov. Mike Parson

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Tonight, the DGA begins the general election with a new digital ad campaign against Missouri Gov. Mike Parson highlighting his failed response to the coronavirus pandemic. His mistakes show he is unequipped to lead the state through this crisis and build back a stronger Missouri.

He failed to: 

Parson doesn’t take the pandemic seriously. And as cases continue to rise, Missourians are paying the price. 

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement: 

“When the worst public health crisis in a century hit, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson didn’t even try to meet the moment. Instead, he’s ignored public health experts at every turn and shirked all responsibility for the pandemic, putting the lives of Missourians at risk.

“Parson has spent most of his time as governor rewarding Jefferson City insiders and his political benefactors rather than helping Missouri families. While he was busy giving government contracts to his donors, he cut health care coverage from 100,000 Missouri children.

“Parson has repeatedly failed the state and put his own interests ahead of Missouri families. This November, we look forward to seeing Mike Parson lose his first and last gubernatorial election.”

Visit the website and watch the video here.