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DGA Makes First Major Fall Ad Reservations in Key Incumbent States

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Today, the Democratic Governors Association and its allied entities announced $75 million in initial television buy reservations in Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wisconsin this fall.

This comes as the DGA continues to break fundraising records, backed by a surge in grassroots and national donors who recognize the vital role Democratic governors play in protecting democracy and individual rights like reproductive freedom.

Below is the breakdown of state investments:

  • Colorado: $5 million 
  • Maine: $5 million
  • Michigan: $23 million
  • Minnesota: $4.5 million
  • Nevada: $10 million
  • New Mexico: $2.5 million
  • Wisconsin: $21 million
  • Kansas: The DGA continues to work with allied groups in Kansas, who are already up on TV now and have reserved nearly $4 million in fall TV spending

These early TV reservations allow the DGA and allies to lock in lower prices and reserve prime ad inventory before the airwaves get crowded in the fall. The investments are just the start of the spending the DGA and partners will do across the country.

In addition to communicating about incumbent Democratic governors, the DGA is investing in open seat and challenger races, including donating directly to state parties to build general election infrastructure and funding staff on the ground in states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Florida, among others, who can hold Republicans accountable and organize coalitions of voters.

“The DGA is all in to protect our incumbents. As the fight to defend our democracy and fundamental rights shifts to the states, ensuring Democratic governors are in office is more vital than ever,” said DGA Executive Director Noam Lee. “Our track record of smart, strategic investments has helped us elect Democratic governors across the country, and it is how we are going to win this fall.