DGA Launches Updated Site Calling Out Crickets From Radio Silent Richard Irvin

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After two months of hiding from Illinoisans, Richard Irvin continues to dodge and refuse to answer questions. An updated website is now tracking the key issues Irvin’s remained radio silent on.

The DGA updated GriffinSlate.com with a new scorecard today. View the site here.

So far, Irvin has dodged or flip-flopped on abortion, supporting Trump, denouncing the January 6th insurrection, being funded by megadonor Ken Griffin’s gun manufacturing money, and more.

“Radio Silent Richard continues to hide where he stands in a desperate attempt to hide his flip-flopping and unpopular views,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Keep your eyes peeled for updates to the scorecard as Irvin continues to duck and dodge questions from his opponents, reporters, and Illinoisans.”