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DGA Launches in Virginia to Reveal Pete Snyder’s Shady Record As Longtime Political Insider

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Today, the Democratic Governors Association is launching, a new website to reveal Republican candidate for governor Pete Snyder’s true record as a longtime member of the Washington establishment and shady party insider, as he dishonestly tries to run from his record in the Virginia GOP’s far-right race to be the most like Donald Trump. 

The website details how Snyder has been misleading Virginians by falsely calling himself an “outsider” who runs a small business. In reality, Snyder ran an insider consulting firm that represented lobbying groups and helped elect politicians who have been in Washington for decades, like one of Mitch McConnell’s top allies Roy Blunt. He’s also made hundreds of thousands of dollars as a national cable TV talking head and lost a campaign to be Virginia’s Lt. Governor in 2013.

Snyder has also been dishonestly saying he will take on the “career politicians” in the state capital, when he’s actually donated $130,000 of his own money to send those same career Republican politicians to Richmond, among other key parts of his record as a political insider that he’s tried to hide. 

This website launch comes with fewer than two weeks until the Virginia GOP’s chaotic convention, as the Republican candidates for governor continue to attack each other in an increasingly brutal fight about loyalty to Trump and his toxic record. Accusations of corruption and rigging the primary are also flying, with Pete Snyder the target of “most of the finger-pointing” from his fellow Republicans, according to the Washington Post. 

Furthermore, Virginians are seeing the bruising GOP primary play out in TV, radio and mail ads across the state, with shadowy groups launching bizarreattacks. 

“As the Virginia GOP’s nasty primary gets even more toxic, Pete Snyder will do or say anything to try to be more like Trump. That includes building his entire campaign around lying to Virginians about his real record, as this new website exposes,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Snyder falsely claims to be an outsider who runs a small business, the reality is he’s a longtime party insider who ran a consulting firm that represented lobbying groups and helped elect politicians who have been in Washington for decades. Just like how Virginians saw through Donald Trump’s lies, they’ll know two-sided Pete Snyder cannot be trusted.”