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DGA Launches “Trump or Sununu?” Website

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Granite Staters Can Take the “Trump or Sununu” Quiz To See If They Can Tell the Corrupt Republicans Apart

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has stood by Donald Trump while he attacked Granite Staters’ health care, voting rights, access to reproductive health care, and common decency. It’s no wonder Sununu prioritizes his loyalty to Trump over all else – the two have so much in common.

Like Trump, Sununu is all too willing to sacrifice hard working Granite Staters’ health and well-being in the interest of Republican party politics, special interest groups, and the wealthy. In the midst of the pandemic, Sununu sidelined public health experts and welcomed Trump with open arms to hold giant potential super-spreader rallies, without enforcing a mask mandate.

The similarities don’t stop there – when distributing relief funding, both Trump and Sununu have helped special interests and big donors take advantage of COVID-19 relief funding and have opposed common-sense policies to help working families.

In the weeks leading up to the general election, Granite Staters will learn just how much these two men have in common – and just how much they’ve already cost New Hampshire.

See if you can tell Trump and Sununu apart by taking the quiz here.

“The Trump-Sununu agenda puts Republican party politics and wealthy donors above the interests of hard working New Hampshire families,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “For far too long, Chris Sununu has stood in the way of progress in New Hampshire, denying Granite Staters a pay raise and access to paid family leave, all while lining the pockets of his wealthy donors. Come November, Granite Staters will reject both Donald Trump and Chris Sununu.”