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DGA Launches Redesigned Website

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Today, the Democratic Governors Association is announcing a major update to its website,, including a fully redesigned site with updated video, graphic and interactive elements.

The new website will make it easier for supporters to get involved, get key race updates, and donate. It also includes a brand-new “Action Center”, where supporters can take action in governors’ races by signing petitions and sharing their input on important issues.

The website will also feature updated profiles on all Democratic governors, as well as statistics that highlight the DGA’s accomplishments over the last several cycles. In addition to updated information, the redesigned website also includes a Spanish-language page that provides an overview of DGA’s mission and leadership in Spanish.

Visit to see the redesigned website.

“With 38 races in the next two years, the DGA is committed to engaging with supporters and providing information on how they can get involved,” said DGA Executive Director Noam Lee. “The completely re-vamped website clearly lays out the DGA’s mission of electing and supporting Democratic governors, and is just one of the many steps the DGA is taking to position ourselves to win in 2021 and 2022”

“Our digital department continues to expand its operations and is constantly developing new ways to reach as many voters as possible,” said DGA Digital Director Laura Carlson. “The new website provides supporters with an immersive view of the work that Democratic governors do every day across the country, and the enhanced creative elements will undoubtedly help us expand our audience, enhance our fundraising, and give us the tools we need to win in the upcoming cycle.”