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DGA Launches New Website:

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Today the Democratic Governors Association is launching a new website: The new website highlights the many times Eddie Rispone has ducked Louisiana voters since the gubernatorial primary.
He hasn’t been seen on the campaign trail and no one can seem to say what he’s been up to. The website asks one simple question: “Where in the world is Eddie Rispone?”
Is Rispone hiding from voters because his Medicaid plan could take away coverage from 300,000 Louisianans? Or could he be dodging voters because he supports the same Jindal policies that would lead to drastic cuts to education and health care? Or is he just too chicken to face the voters now that he can’t hide behind former gubernatorial candidate Ralph Abraham?
“Rispone can try to hide, but it won’t change the fact that his plans will take Louisiana back to failed Jindal era,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Louisiana voters deserve to know where in the world Eddie Rispone is and why he wants to take away health care from 300,000 Louisianans.”
You can view the website here