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DGA Launches New Website Highlighting Rispone’s Failed Record

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The DGA is launching a new website,, to educate voters about Eddie Rispone’s failed record.
The website includes a graphic comparing Edwards and Rispone’s records on health care, the budget, education, and the economy. Louisiana has made remarkable progress on all of these issues, while on every measure, Rispone would fumble the ball and take Louisiana backwards. Eddie Rispone’s Louisiana would be four more years of Bobby Jindal’s record-setting deficits and a stalled economy. 
“Louisiana is moving in the right direction under Gov. Edwards’ bipartisan leadership,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “With Eddie Rispone, Louisiana would go back to the failed Jindal era of drastic health care and education cuts. Louisiana needs to continue to move the ball down the field with Gov. Edwards, not go back to the failed Jindal era with Phony Eddie Rispone.”