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DGA Launches New Video, Website:

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Today, on Veterans’ Day, the Democratic Governors Association is launching a new website: The new website highlights Eddie Rispone’s comments attacking Gov. Edwards’ military service and the veterans community’s response.
In a radio interview, Rispone was asked about Edwards’ military record and  responded, “Yeah, you know I’m disappointed in that, if I have to be candid. I think he’s hurt the reputation of West Point.”
Eddie Rispone doubled down on this perplexing strategy, and refuses to issue an apology to veterans.
“Eddie Rispone insulted not only Gov. Edwards’ military record but all veterans with his disgusting comments,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “This website allows voters to learn about Rispone’s reprehensible comments and the tools to call on Rispone to apologize. Veterans Day marks the perfect opportunity for Rispone to apologize but Rispone’s comments show he doesn’t have the character to serve as governor.” 
You can view the website here