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DGA Launches New Video Exposing Derek Schmidt’s Agenda to Drag Kansas Back to Brownback

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Today, the DGA launched a new video to kick off the general election by highlighting Derek Schmidt’s disastrous record of defending education cuts and fiscal disasters under Sam Brownback. Watch the new video here.

Specifically, Schmidt was Brownback’s top defender as he underfunded public schools and even argued the state didn’t need to balance the budget, claiming, “if you read the letter of the law … it doesn’t say there has to be a balanced budget.

Schmidt also stood by Brownback as he stole from the state’s highway fund, robbing taxpayer funds meant for vital infrastructure projects to repair broken roads and bridges.

“To see how Derek Schmidt would govern, just look at how he defended Sam Brownback when he hurt Kansans with devastating education cuts and decimated the state budget,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “As Gov. Kelly has worked with both parties to balance the budget, fund schools, and axe the food tax — we can’t let Derek Schmidt drag Kansas back to Brownback.”

See below for the full transcript of the thirty-second video: 

Narrator: If you liked Sam Brownback as governor, you’ll love Derek Schmidt.

Schmidt helped Brownback underfund our public schools, stood by Brownback as he pushed a failed tax experiment that cost Kansas billions, and drained our highway fund of $2 billion.

Schmidt even argued that the budget didn’t need to be balanced. He’d be more of the same as Sam.

With Gov. Kelly, Kansas is finally back on track. We can’t afford to go back to Brownback. We can’t afford Derek Schmidt.