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DGA Launches New Digital Ad Across Virginia Hitting Glenn Trumpkin for His Complete Dedication to Donald Trump and His Conspiracy Theories

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After immediately launching a six-figure digital ad campaign while the VA GOP was still recovering from their divisive, confusing convention, the DGA is launching a new digital ad today in Virginia slamming Glenn “Trumpkin” for his total allegiance to Donald Trump and his dangerous, extreme agenda. Watch the new ad here.

While opposing popular policies that would help Virginians across the Commonwealth, Youngkin went all-in on Donald Trump’s extreme agenda, from refusing to denounce his “Big Lie” about the 2020 Election, to pushing his dangerous conspiracy theories about non-existent voter fraud — the same conspiracy theories that incited the January 6th attack on the U.S. that left 5 people dead. 

“Glenn Trumpkin is the epitome of a pro-Trump Republican, peddling the same regressive, far-right agenda that Virginians have rejected time and time again, ” said DGA Political Director Marshall Cohen. “His sworn allegiance to the former president and his dangerous conspiracy theories are bad for the Commonwealth and out-of-touch with the values that matter to Virginians.”

See below for the full script of the 30-second digital ad: 

Narrator: Who is Glenn Youngkin? Turns out he’s more like Glenn Trumpkin.

News Anchor #1: He likens himself to former President Donald Trump, who threw his support behind Youngkin this morning,

News Anchor #2: He won the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. 

Youngkin: I’m honored to receive his endorsement.

President Trump represents so much of why I’m running. 

News Anchor #3: Youngkin aligned himself with Mr. Trump’s lies about a rigged 2020 election.

Narrator: In fact, Youngkin said his number one priority was pushing Trump’s conspiracy theories. 

Glenn Youngkin — Don’t bring Donald Trump’s agenda to Virginia.