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DGA Launches Live Ticker on Tracking GOP Incumbents with Primary Challengers


Continuing to follow the GOP’s ongoing civil war and how Republican governors are caught up in it all, the DGA launched a live ticker on to update in real-time how many GOP incumbent governors are facing primary challengers from their own party.

Currently, 11 out of 15 (73%) of Republican governors running for reelection have primary challengers.

Several of the primary challengers have been emboldened by Trump’s encouragement. In Massachusetts, Gov. Charlie Baker decided not to run for reelection soon after Donald Trump endorsed a Republican challenger.

Trump also recently endorsed former senator David Perdue after he announced he’s challenging Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, forcing Kemp into an “ugly and costly,” and “bruising” primary.

“The fact that 73% of GOP governors have primary challengers is a truly astonishing statistic,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “These primary opponents aren’t just fringe, far-off Republicans — they’re being actively encouraged or endorsed by the party’s leader. While Democratic governors are running on their records of making life better for families, Republicans are running in nasty primaries that will leave every candidate involved even more out-of-touch and vulnerable.”