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DGA Launches ‘Crooked Mike’ Website

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Mike DeWine Has Put Himself And His Donors Before Ohio Families For 42 years

Today, the DGA launched on the first day of the general election in Ohio. provides a detailed look into the culture of corruption that has followed Mike DeWine for his 42 year political career. This year alone, two new scandals have enveloped his office involving the for-profit predatory Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow and disgraced former Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger.
This is just the latest example of Mike DeWine putting the interests of his donors and special interest friends over what’s best for Ohio’s families. From do-nothing panels for donors to paid speeches for special interest groups, Crooked Mike is always looking out for himself and his cronies.
After more than four decades, 2018 is when Crooked Mike’s culture of corruption finally comes to an end.
The site can be viewed HERE.
“Crooked Mike has spent 42 years helping himself, his donors, and his special interest friends. The newest scandals are only the latest examples of his culture of corruption,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Unfortunately for him, Ohioans are tired of his swampy, seedy behavior and in 2018 they will put it to an end.”