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DGA Immediately Launches Digital Ads Across Virginia Exposing Glenn Youngkin’s Undying Loyalty to Trump’s Toxic Agenda

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Where Trump leads, Youngkin follows

While Republicans are recovering from the aftermath of their chaotic and divisive convention, the Democratic Governors Association is launching a digital ad campaign exposing Glenn Youngkin’s undying loyalty to Trump and his toxic agenda. Time and time again, where Donald Trump leads, Glenn Youngkin follows. Watch the 30 second ad here

Whether it was refusing to denounce Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 election or pushing unnecessary restrictions to voting as his only policy proposal in the GOP primary, Youngkin is putting Trump first — no matter how harmful or unpopular it is in Virginia. The Washington Post even reported that Youngkin “declined to say if he believes Biden was legitimately elected.” 

The nearly six figure digital ad buy is targeting areas across Virginia where residents are increasingly critical of Trump and Youngkin’s shared, unpopular policies. The robust digital campaign includes 30 and 15 second ads, graphics, and a new website —

“As Virginia Republicans are more divided than ever after their chaotic and bruising convention, we’re immediately going on offense to expose Glenn Youngkin as a far-right extremist who puts Trump first — no matter how much it hurts Virginians,” said DGA Political Director Marshall Cohen. “Youngkin’s undying loyalty to Trump is wrong for Virginia. That’s why we’re telling Glenn Youngkin: don’t bring Trump’s agenda to Virginia.” 

See below for the full script of the 30 second digital ad

Narrator: Glenn Youngkin is a Donald Trump Loyalist. Where Trump leads, Youngkin follows.

Youngkin is already bragging about getting praised by Trump. 

Donald Trump: Glenn Youngkin of Carlyle.

Narrator: And Youngkin’s top priority? It’s not jobs or education. It’s telling the same ‘Big Lie’ Trump tells about the last election and trying to restrict your right to vote in the next. 

Trump: Glenn Youngkin of Carlyle. 

Narrator: Tell Glenn Youngkin not to bring Donald Trump’s agenda to Virginia.