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DGA Drafts Trump Invitation on Behalf of Stefanowski

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Stefanowksi Pledged to Campaign With Trump, Let’s Set A Date…

Last night Bob Stefanowski won the GOP nomination in Connecticut, and no one is happier about it than Donald Trump. Trump tweeted his “total endorsement” of Stefanowski bright and early this morning. The only question left is when are these guys hitting the campaign trail together.
During the primary, Stefanowski said several times that he would campaign with Trump, gave the president an ‘A’ grade for his first 18 months in office, and said “we need more” of the president’s agenda in Connecticut.
Stefanowski must have had a busy night, so the DGA took it upon itself to put together a formal invitation to get Trump and Bob at a rally together as soon as possible:

“Trump is thrilled Bob Stefanowski is the nominee in Connecticut, and it’s time to figure out when they’ll campaign together,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Stefanowski already wants to bring Trump’s policies to Connecticut, so it’s time to get the man himself to come up to the Nutmeg State. The DGA looks forward to helping them decide on a date in any way we can.”


Stefanowski on Campaigning with Trump: ‘Absolutely.’ At an August 2018 debate, Republican candidates were asked “Would you want President Trump to campaign with you here in Connecticut.” Stefanowski responded, “Absolutely. I think what he has done for this national economy, we could use some of that here in Connecticut.” [WFSB Republican Gubernatorial Debate, 8/6/18]
Trump’s First 18-Months Got an “A” From Stefanowski. At a July 12 Republican debate, all five candidates were asked by the moderator: “Grade Trump on his first 18 months. Give him a grade.” Stefanowski replied, “A.” [94.9 News Now Republican Gubernatorial Debate, 7/12/18]
Stefanowski Said The Country Needs More of Trump’s Policies. According to the New Canaan Advertiser, “None of the five Republican candidates for governor of the state of Connecticut said they would prefer to have a different person serving as President of the United States, even if a person with different moral character has President Trump’s policies. […] Former GE and UBS executive Bob Stefanowski would not comment on the character question, but did not hesitant to say the country needs more of Trump’s policies.” [New Canaan Advertiser, 8/11/18]