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DGA Counts the Days Daniel Cameron Has Covered for Matt Bevin

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DGA Counts the Days Daniel Cameron Has Covered for Matt Bevin

Today, the Democratic Governors Association is updating its Cameron Doesn’t Care website to expose how Daniel Cameron has been refusing to take action on ​​former Governor Matt Bevin’s reckless and dangerous pardons of more than a dozen violent criminals.

Specifically, the DGA is launching an automatic timer to count the number of days that Cameron has spent covering for Matt Bevin since he promised Kentuckians the scandal was “something we’ll look at.”

This comes as Cameron “sidestepped” questions on the pardons and refused to give a definitive answer to repeated questions on the issue last week.

“Daniel Cameron has spent the last three years covering for Matt Bevin’s corrupt and reckless pardons of violent criminals and not protecting the people of Kentucky,”said Democratic Governors Association States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Kentucky may not be able to count on Daniel Cameron, but we’re going to keep counting the number of days it’s going to take for Cameron to answer basic and direct questions, like why he never appointed a special prosecutor to investigate this scandal.”