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DGA Congratulates Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe

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WASHINGTON, DC—Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, tonight issued the following statement regarding Terry McAuliffe’s victory in Virginia:
“The DGA congratulates Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe on his extraordinary victory. He will be the same kind of governor as he was a candidate – relentlessly focused on working in a bipartisan way to create jobs, improve schools, and prepare Virginia’s workforce for the jobs of the future. As promised, he will invest in education, strengthen transportation, expand access to health care, and work to make Virginia’s 23 community colleges engines of economic development.
“Instead of focusing on the economy, Republicans in Virginia chose this year to run on a series of radical social policies that alienate women, immigrants, young people, and gay Americans. And when they did pay lip service to jobs, it was in support of an economic scheme that rewards the wealthiest and big corporations at the expense of the middle class and critical investments in education. That agenda is precisely what Republican governors have been implementing over the last three years. Tonight, Virginians chose mainstream solutions to strengthening the economy over right-wing ideology, and that’s what voters across the country will do in 2014.”