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DGA Chair Shumlin Travels To Maine & South Carolina To Promote Michaud, Sheheen

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This week, DGA Chair Governor Peter Shumlin traveled to Maine and South Carolina to highlight the importance of electing Mike Michaud and Vincent Sheheen governors of those states.
In Maine, Governor Shumlin was joined by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, and discussed how Governor LePage has embarrassed the people of his state with his insults, extremism, recklessness, and failed economic policies. In contrast, he made clear that Mike Michaud will do as governor what he’s done his entire career – bring  Democrats, Republicans and independents together to expand access to affordable health care, create jobs, and protect middle-class families, seniors, and veterans.
As South Carolina’s second biggest newspaper questioned whether Governor Nikki Haley is a “compulsive liar,” Governor Shumlin made clear that the state can do better than “a governor who seems incompetent at doing the job and doesn’t tell the truth when she blows it.” Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Haley has been.  That will change when Vincent Sheheen is elected in November.
Here’s a sample of the headlines from Governor Shumlin’s trips this week:
The Portland Press Herald: “Govs. Patrick, Shumlin make rounds in Maine to support Michaud”
Associated Press: “Massachusetts Gov. Patrick, Vermont Gov. Shumlin come to Maine to give Michaud a boost”
The Bangor Daily News: “Democratic Govs. Deval Patrick, Peter Shumlin stump for Michaud in southern Maine”
WGME: “Vermont and Massachusetts governors show support for Congressman Mike Michaud”
WMTW News: “Governors hold fundraiser for Michaud”
The Post and Courier: “Democratic Governors Association head Gov. Peter Shumlin urges voters to replace Gov. Haley”