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DGA Chair Inslee’s Statement on Knute Buehler’s Hypocritical Environment Ad

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Today, Democratic Governors Association Chair Gov. Jay Inslee (WA-D) released the following statement in response to state Rep. Knute Buehler’s new ad covering up his poor environmental record:
“Knute Buehler’s dishonest ad fails to tell the real story about his record of hurting Oregon’s environment,” said Inslee. “As a state legislator, Buehler made it easier for polluters to damage Oregon’s air quality, fought against incentives to lower vehicle emissions, and refused to protect the state’s public lands. With a record like that, Oregon families cannot trust Knute Buehler to protect their environment and natural resources, or fight climate change. 
“At a time when our states are covered in smoke, it’s clear that we need more environmental champions like Governor Kate Brown in office, not fewer. Governor Brown is only one candidate in this race who will keep the state’s air and water clean for generations to come.” 
While Knute Buehler was busy pushing policies that harm Oregon’s environment, Gov. Kate Brown wasnamed Oregon League of Conservation Voters’ Environmental Champion of the Year in 2017.


Buehler has a 35% lifetime score from OLCV [OLCV, Accessed 8/14/18]
In 2017, Buehler opposed preventing toxic emissions with rebates for electric and zero emission vehicles. On 7/5/2017 Buehler voted no on HB 2017, which encourages the sale of electric/zero emission vehicles by allocating $12 million per year in the Transportation Package for rebates. The bill passed 39-20 and was signed into law. [Oregon House HB 2017 Floor Vote, 7/5/17]
In 2015, Buehler voted against the Clean Fuels Program. On 3/4/2015 Buehler voted no on SB 324, to reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuel by 10 percent over the next ten years, leading to cleaner air, fewer emissions of greenhouse gases, and the development of a homegrown alternative fuels industry. In 2009, the Legislature passed HB 2186, establishing a low carbon fuel standard that would reduce the carbon intensity of Oregon’s transportation fuels by 10% over 10 years. But, a sunset placed on the program had been a barrier to enactment. SB 324 lifted the sunset on the Clean Fuels Program, allowing the program to move forward and create both economic development opportunities and cleaner, healthier air. It passed the House 31-29 and was signed into law. [Oregon House SB 324 Floor Vote, 3/4/15] 
In 2017, Buehler voted against protecting Elliott State Forest lands. On 7/7/2017 Buehler voted against SB 5505, which authorized bonds necessary to buy the Elliott State Forest lands with the highest conservation values out of the Common School Fund and to keep them in public hands. If not for this bonding money, the Elliott may well have been sold off to a timber corporation. The bill passed the House 48-10 and was signed into law. [Oregon House S.B. 5505 Floor Vote, 7/7/17]