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DGA Chair Inslee’s Statement On Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Announcement

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Today, DGA Chair Governor Jay Insl8ee released the following statement on Justice Kennedy’s retirement announcement:
“Justice Kennedy’s retirement increases the importance of electing state level leaders who will protect women’s health care, LGBTQ equality, the right to organize, clean air and clean water, and civil rights in their states. States with Democratic governors have led the way on pushing back on the Trump agenda. When Donald Trump tries to seize control of the judiciary branch, states are going to fight back even harder.
“It’s become increasingly clear that Americans can’t rely on the current Supreme Court alone to protect our rights. We need to elect state leaders who can push back on Donald Trump’s agenda in Washington and protect the rights we cherish. Our destiny is in our hands this November: We need to vote for Democratic governors as a counter-balance to the policies in Washington, D.C.
“This latest Supreme Court news also makes it more clear than ever that we can’t wait on the judicial branch to end partisan gerrymandering. If we want to have a fighting chance to win back Congress and State Houses in the next decade, we must elect Democratic governors across the country now. Justice Kennedy’s retirement raises the stakes for governors races this November: We must win at the ballot box to stop the pernicious gerrymandering that is threatening our democracy. 
“This fall, voters will choose more than 25 governors who will hold veto power over their states’ 2021 maps. We must elect Democrats to those seats to stop Republican map-rigging and make sure the people have a voice in their government.
“Each day it seems the stakes are getting higher and higher for this November’s elections. With every new disaster coming out of Washington DC, we must elect Democratic governors who will fight back and stand up for civil rights, stand up for health care, and stand up for fair maps.”