DGA Chair Inslee’s Statement on Justice Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

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Today, Democratic Governors Association Chairman Jay Inslee released the following statement on Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court: 
“Today’s vote creates the most right-wing, partisan Supreme Court that America has seen in generations.  It’s a sad day for our judiciary branch when we put a committed Republican political operative on the highest court in the land.
“Under a new Kavanaugh court, the fight will take place in the states. Today’s confirmation increases the stakes for governors’ elections, making it even more important that we elect leaders at the state level who will stand up to protect our rights. On issues from women’s health to the environment, from gerrymandering to LGBTQ equality, Democratic governors across the country can, and will, fight back against President Trump’s attempts to roll back progress. 
“State officials have already been leading the way in fighting back against the Trump agenda. In 31 days, we have the opportunity to grow the ranks of Democratic governors and protect the residents of more states from the threat posed by this reckless President and his judicial overreach.
“It’s clear that we can no longer count on our federal checks and balances to protect us, making it even more important that we elect Democratic governors who will. Today, the Senate votes, but on November 6th, we get to vote. I’m ready to vote, and millions of folks across American disgusted with the chaos coming out of Washington are ready to vote, too.”