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DGA Chair Gov. Walz Touts Importance of Electing Dem Govs On Pod Save America

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DGA Chair Gov. Walz Touts Importance of Electing Dem Govs On Pod Save America 

Last week, DGA Chair and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz joined Pod Save America, where he discussed the importance of electing more Democratic governors and highlighted the difference electing a Democratic governor can have on people’s lives.

Gov. Walz stated: “My state is one of those you look, having a Democratic governor in Minnesota versus a Republican governor in the Dakotas, women’s lives are put at risk, just bad decisions, books being banned, rather than hunger being banned.”

Gov. Walz also highlighted the growing importance of the DGA in governor’s races saying “DGA is out there and it’s become one of the most effective and efficient of taking resources and putting them into the races where we need to be…”Below are some additional key quotes from Gov. Walz on the importance of the DGA and Democratic governors: 

  • “DGA will play where we’ve got an opportunity, we’re going to be out there across the country trying to make a difference.”

  • “The things that impact your life immediately, like protections of reproductive care, you know, banning hunger in our schools rather than books, those types of things are on governors…I would encourage folks to think heavily about their governor’s races.”

  • “DGA is there to provide the resources for these folks to help organize them to bring national attention to these races.”