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DGA Chair Gov. Phil Murphy Calls For State Aid in Next Federal Stimulus Package

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Last week, the House of Representatives passed a COVID-19 stimulus package that includes substantial cash assistance for states and localities, but it is unlikely to pass the Republican-led Senate.

Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have repeatedly questioned the need to “bail out” states, as state and local governments are forced to cut more than a million jobs, struggle to afford what’s needed to fight COVID-19, and make cuts to programs Americans rely on right now such as unemployment and education.

If the federal government continues to leave states in the lurch, the health and economic situation in this country will continue to deteriorate. 

DGA Chair New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy issued the following statement:

“As Congress negotiates the next federal stimulus package, it is imperative that they include significant direct cash assistance to states and localities. If the federal government does not give states the direct relief we need to shore up our budgets, we won’t have what we need to keep up the fight. Not only will that be dangerous from a public health perspective, but it will also do untold damage to our economies and cause further delay in reopening them.

“This isn’t a partisan issue – it’s an American issue. Without federal aid, both red and blue states will be forced to make cuts in every area, such as vital services like unemployment, health care, first responders, education, and other programs that Americans desperately need to get back on their feet.

“Now is the time for bold action and ambitious solutions, and injecting money into states is the one smart thing we can do as a country right now. Governors are leading in this crisis, but we need the federal government’s help to make sure we can keep the fight up in the coming weeks and months.”