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DGA Calls on Rauner to Reveal Whether He Supports Trump Pardoning Himself

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Does Bruce Rauner Think Donald Trump Can Pardon Himself?

Today, the Democratic Governors Association is calling on Governor Bruce Rauner to answer one simple question: Does he believe President Donald Trump could pardon himself of any crimes? The DGA’s request is part of a nationwide effort calling on Republican governors up for election to answer whether Trump has the power to pardon himself.
As Governor, Rauner says he takes “every review of clemency and pardon very seriously” – but Rauner has been silent on whether his fellow Republican executive, Donald Trump, could pardon himself.
“President Trump is flouting the rule of law and it’s time for Bruce Rauner to stand up to the head of the Republican Party,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Does Bruce Rauner believe Donald Trump can pardon himself? Does he think he should? Rauner claims he takes the process of pardons seriously, but he’s suddenly silent when it comes to President Trump’s perversion of the authority.”