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DGA Calls on Pawlenty to Say Whether or Not He Will Attend Trump Rally

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Tim Pawlenty Snubbed GOP Activists, Will He Snub Trump Too?

Once, Tim Pawlenty liked to talk about couragea lot – but pretty much nobody believed him and his presidential campaign, which got hoodwinked by his campaign manager and fizzled out.
Now, after defiantly calling Donald Trump ‘uninformed,’ ‘unfit’ and ‘unhinged,’ he wants to mend fences and pretend like they have always been simpatico on policy.
Well, first off, Jeff Johnson, the party-backed GOP candidate, is nipping at his heels and he’s already committed to being in Duluth next week.
Second, after Pawlenty snubbed activists, they decried his unwillingness to meet with the party faithful, calling him a “disgrace”, saying “he should have been here,” and even said he “turned his back on the Republican Party.”
After Corey Stewart’s nomination in Virginia, and Rep. Mark Sanford’s loss in South Carolina, it’s no wonder why Tim Pawlenty is terrified of losing to Jeff Johnson. Republican primaries have become tests of fealty to Trump.
So, the question remains, will Tim Pawlenty campaign with Donald Trump next week, or will he turn his back on the President and leader of the GOP?
“The DGA calls Tim Pawlenty to clearly state whether or not he will attend next week’s Trump rally,”said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “It’s pretty simple. He agrees with most of the policies of a person who he believes is ‘uninformed,’ ‘unfit’ and ‘unhinged, but won’t say whether he will campaign with him. Will he campaign with Donald Trump next week, and stand by his policies hurting Minnesotans? Or will he keep the leader of his party at arm’s length?”