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DGA Calls on Gillespie to Denounce His Attacks on Northern Virginians

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Gillespie caught on tape calling Northern Virginia ‘Enemy Territory’

Today, the Democratic Governors Association called on Ed Gillespie to denounce his prior comments attacking Northern Virginians as enemies.
New audio leaked today of Gillespie at a closed-door fundraiser in September, saying that he was campaigning at a Metro station in Northern Virginia, despite it being “enemy territory.”
“By calling Northern Virginia ‘enemy territory,’ Ed Gillespie made clear yet again that he does not in fact want to be a Governor ‘for all Virginians,’” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “But we shouldn’t be surprised—he’s been running his campaign from the Donald Trump playbook where this sort of divisive name calling is the norm. Gillespie should apologize immediately to the people of Northern Virginia for treating them with such disdain.”