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DGA Calls on Florida Republican Gubernatorial Contenders to Release Trump Questionnaire

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In light of new reporting that President Trump is sending questionnaires to candidates running for office in 2018, the Democratic Governors Association is calling on all Republican candidates and prospective candidates for governor of Florida—one of the President’s top priority races—to release their questionnaires and disclose the pledges they are making as they court Trump’s support.

The Washington Post reported: 

“The White House plans to send surveys to candidates across the country to complete — an audition of sorts for Trump’s endorsement gauging their views on issues such as immigration and health care. They are also asking potential candidates for internal polling and fundraising numbers and to secure petition signatures. 

In 2018 governor’s races, the White House is particularly interested in three states that will be battlegrounds in 2020: Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, advisers said.”

“Since President Trump has indicated that Florida’s gubernatorial races is one of his top political priorities, Richard Corcoran, Ron DeSantis, and Adam Putnam must release their Trump questionnaires to the public and disclose the lengths to which they are willing to go to win his endorsement,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Florida voters deserve to know what promises their would-be governors are making as they race to the right to win Trump’s support.”