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DGA Calls On Dixon To Release the Receipts From Likely Illegal $5K Luxury Shopping Spree

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MLive: “Dixon campaign spent $5k on designer clothing”

New reporting from MLive reveals that Tudor Dixon’s campaign spent over $5,000 in campaign funds on designer clothing. According to the Dixon campaign’s filings, the campaign reimbursed a senior staffer for purchases at luxury clothing stores Leigh’s and Neiman Marcus.

MLive adds that the Michigan Democratic Party filed a complaint, as these purchases are likely a violation of Michigan campaign finance laws, which state that candidates may only use funds to further their election.

The complaint “claims at least two articles of designer clothing Dixon has worn in recent weeks are available from luxury retailer Neiman Marcus and Leigh’s, a high-end boutique in Grand Rapids. They include a nearly $2,000 red Alexander McQueen midi dress and a double-breasted jacket by Veronica Beard, which retails for close to $700.”

“If Tudor Dixon didn’t break the law, she should come clean by immediately releasing the receipts from her $5,000 luxury shopping spree on her campaign’s dime. Michiganders deserve answers,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton.