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DGA Calls on DeWine-Husted Ticket To Return Contribution from Alleged Child Predator Roy Moore’s “Chief Financier”

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The Democratic Governors Association is calling on the newly-formed DeWine-Husted ticket to return thousands of dollars in contributions from the “chief financier” of the leading SuperPAC behind accused Alabama child predator Roy Moore.

Richard Uihlein has donated $100,000 to a SuperPAC running ads to prop up Alabama Senate candidate and accused child predator Roy Moore. This June, Uihlein donated $5,400 to Husted for Ohio.

“There is no place in our politics for those who prey on children, so the DeWine-Husted ticket must immediately return their contribution from Rich Uihlein who supports an alleged child predator,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold.




Richard Uihlien was the Top Donor ($100,000) to Pro-Moore Super PAC. According to the Daily Beast, “The chief financier of a leading pro-Roy Moore super PAC is a deep-pocketed Republican businessman who dropped eight figures on 2016 races alone and is looking to continue propping up the party’s most conservative candidates. Illinois businessman Richard Uihlein provided $100,000 to the group, Proven Conservatives PAC, since September, according to a new filing with the Federal Election Commission, making him by far the group’s top donor. That money, which hadn’t been previously disclosed, has financed a host of ads boosting Moore’s candidacy in the face of widespread sexual assault and harassment allegations. The group has also run ads attacking Moore’s primary opponent, Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL), and his Democratic general election rival Doug Jones.” [Daily Beast, 11/27/17]

In June 2017, Uihlein Donated $5,400 to Jon Husted’s Campaign Committee. According to the Ohio Secretary of State Campaign Finance Disclosure:

[Ohio Secretary of State, “Richard Uihlein”, 6/18/17]

Husted and DeWine Both Said That If Allegations Were True, Roy Moore Should Withdraw from the Ballot. According to the National Journal and the Columbus Dispatch, “Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R): “As President Trump and many other Republican leaders have stated, if these horrible allegations against Roy Moore are substantiated, he should immediately withdraw as a candidate.” Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R): “If these allegations are true, he is not fit to hold any public office and should do the right thing and withdraw from the ballot.” [National Journal, 11/13/17Columbus Dispatch, 11/10/17]