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DGA Calls on Bruce Rauner to Finally Take a Stand on Health Care Bill

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Rauner Must Answer for TrumpCare’s Devastating Impact on the People and Budget of Illinois

Today, the United States Senate introduced its version of Trumpcare and early reports say it contains many provisions similar to the earlier House version. The Senate bill still calls for phasing out Medicaid Expansion, currently insuring more than 600,000 people in Illinois, which could blow a $40 billion hole in the state’s budget. The Senate bill still gives states the ability to waive requirements on pre-existing conditions or essential health benefits. And the Senate bill could still drive up premiums for middle-class families.
Other governors, including some Republicans, have publicly weighed in on the legislation and used what influence they had to make changes.
Not Bruce Rauner, though. The Governor has infamously said very little. His one comment back in May punted on much of the substance in the House Trumpcare legislation – “We will continue to voice our concerns as the law moves to the Senate.”
Well, where Rauner voiced those concerns is anyone’s guess, and now the bill is in the Senate awaiting debate.
Time’s up for Governor Rauner. If he has anything to say about the cuts to Medicaid, loss of coverage, or increased premiums that Trumpcare will bring, now is the time. By staying silent, Rauner is complacent in the passage and consequences of Trumpcare.
“There are few better examples of ‘failed leadership’ than Rauner’s refusal to comment on Trumpcare,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “The Republican health care overhaul will have detrimental effects on Illinois families and could spell fiscal disaster for the state, and Governor Rauner’s failure to take a stand means Illinoisans’’ concerns were never heard. For too long Bruce Rauner kept his silence for political expediency, but time is up. Governor Rauner must finally take a stand on Trumpcare.”