DGA Calls on Bruce Rauner to Address Brewing Controversy of Misconduct in His Office

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Public Deserves Answers from Rauner on Dismissal of Former General Counsel

On Tuesday, Natasha Korecki of Politico Illinois reported on disturbing allegations about how Governor Bruce Rauner runs his office. Korecki reported that Rauner’s ex-General Counsel Dennis Murashko had penned a memo “raising the question of whether the administration was properly keeping politics out of the office.” Murashko was also the subject of an ethics complaint alleging he used “his position to dole out plum duties to someone with whom he had a personal relationship.”
Rauner finally took a question about the building scandal.

“Question: Governor, there have been some questions about your General Counsel, that he has drafted a memo quite detailed, that has some pretty damaging allegations about how you have conducted your office in political time. Can you address those? And why did he leave sooner than what you had originally said?
“Rauner: I will not comment on rumors. And, I will not comment on internal personnel matters.”

Just a few weeks ago, Rauner had no problem discussing “personnel matters” when his then-new communications staff quit. Rauner publicly named those involved in drafting his office’s statement which said that “as a white male” Rauner could not comment on the controversial Illinois Policy Institute cartoon.
“The public deserves to have Governor Rauner transparently address the allegations of misconduct in his office,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “At no time has Rauner been transparent or honest about departure or conduct of General Counsel Dennis Murashko. Now Rauner’s administration is refusing to answer any questions. Governor Rauner should release the General Counsel’s ethics memo on political activities occurring in Rauner’s office and fully address Murashko’s departure.”