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DGA Calls for Release of Contact Records Between Ed Gillespie and Trump White House

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6 Days Out, Gillespie Has Refused to Disclose Whether He Asked Trump to Campaign for Him

Today, the Democratic Governors Association is calling on the White House to release contact records regarding any attempted scheduling or event planning with the Ed Gillespie for Governor campaign and sent a records request to that effect.

In a news report on Tuesday, Gillespie and the White House refused to answer whether they have discussed a joint event or campaign activity. CNN reported that “neither Gillespie’s campaign nor the White House would say whether his aides had even inquired to see whether Trump would be available” to campaign in Virginia. 

The DGA records request called for: 

  • Record of any visits to the White House, EEOB or NEOB by Edward “Ed” Gillespie or any staff from Gillespie’s 2017 campaign for Governor of Virginia, including campaign manager Chris Leavitt or communications director David Abrams. 
  • Record of all meetings scheduled between Edward “Ed” Gillespie or his campaign staff, and President Trump or staff at the White House.  This would include the meeting reported in the press that occurred on June 29, 2017.  As reported by the Washingtonian, that meeting included Leavitt and White House political director Bill Stepian, as well as then-press secretary Sean Spicer.
  • Record of all e-mails exchanged between President Trump or staff in the White House and Edward “Ed” Gillespie or his campaign staff. 
  • Record of all phone calls between President Trump or staff in the White House, and Edward “Ed” Gillespie or his campaign staff. 

“The public has a right to know whether taxpayer resources were used to plan a possible Gillespie-Trump appearance,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “We know that Ed Gillespie’s campaign has been working with Donald Trump. It’s time for Gillespie and Trump to reveal their coordination.”

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