DGA-Backed Group Launches New Ad in Oklahoma

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Today, Stronger Oklahoma, an independent organization backed by the Democratic Governors Association, released a new ad, “Failing.”
The ad highlights Kevin Stitt’s lockstep support of Governor Mary Fallin’s failed agenda. Under Fallin, Oklahoma schools are in crisis, with growing class sizes, shortened school weeks, and the nation’s worst-paid teachers. Stitt has supported Fallin every step of the way, calling her ‘great’ and even opposing a desperately needed pay raise for teachers.
Watch the new 30-second ad HERE.
Read the transcript of the ad below:
Narrator: “Under Mary Fallin our schools are in crisis.
“Growing class sizes and four-day school weeks.
“Fallin has failed our schools. And Kevin Stitt-he said Fallin is ‘great.’
“Stitt couldn’t name a single issue where he disagreed with Fallin.
“And even with Oklahoma teachers the worst paid in the nation, Stitt opposed the teacher pay raise.
“Same bad ideas. Same bad results.
“Kevin Stitt and Mary Fallin. Failing Oklahoma’s schools.”