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DGA-Backed Group Launches New Ad in Oklahoma

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Ad: ‘Stitt’s company was ranked one of the 15 shadiest mortgage lenders. Yuck.’

Today, Stronger Oklahoma, an independent organization backed by the Democratic Governors Association released a new ad, “Stinks.”
The ad highlights Kevin Stitt’s shady record as a businessman and his close links to the Mary Fallin agenda. Stitt called Fallin ‘great’ despite her policy agenda that undermined Oklahoma and Oklahoma’s children. Mary Fallinendorsed Kevin Stitt this week, saying, “he will keep up a lot of the things we’ve done.”
As a businessman, Stitt’s mortgage company was ranked as one of the 15 shadiest government-backed mortgage lenders, sued multiple times, and suspended in multiple states. As governor, Stitt would continue that failed record and double down on Fallin’s failed agenda.
Watch the new 30-second ad HERE.
Read the transcript of the ad below:
Narrator: “Seen this ad? ‘Something smells funny.’
“Yeah. It’s Mary Fallin and Kevin Stitt’s record that stinks.
“Even with Oklahoma schools in chaos, Kevin Stitt said Mary Fallin is ‘great.’ Pee-Yew.
“But Stitt’s own record is even worse.
“Stitt’s company was ranked one of the 15 shadiest mortgage lenders. Yuck.
“And has been sued dozens of times, and suspended in multiple states.
“Kevin Stitt as governor? Now that stinks.”