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DGA-Backed Group Launches New Ad in Oklahoma

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Ad: ‘Our kids can’t afford four more years of Fallin’s failed schools’

Today, Stronger Oklahoma, an independent organization backed by the Democratic Governors Association, released a new ad, “Proud.”
The ad highlights how Kevin Stitt would continue Mary Fallin’s failed legacy in Oklahoma. Stitt called Fallin “great” and could not name a single issue on which he’d be different from her.
Under Fallin, Oklahoma schools have faced teacher shortages, large class sizes, and four-day school weeks. And now Stitt wants to double down on failed education policies. Stitt even opposed a teacher pay raise in Oklahoma this year.
Watch the new 30-second ad HERE.
Read the transcript of the ad below:
Narrator: “I’m a proud mom and an Oklahoman. But I’m embarrassed about our schools under Mary Fallin.
“Teacher shortages, four-day school weeks and large class sizes–I’m worried about my son’s future. And with Kevin Stitt it would be even worse.
“Stitt opposed the teacher pay raise, and when asked how he’d be different than Fallin, he couldn’t name a single issue.
“Stitt even called her ‘great.’
“Our kids can’t afford four more years of Fallin’s failed schools. Vote no on Kevin Stitt.”