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DGA Backed Group Launches New Ad In New Mexico

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Today, Stronger New Mexico, an independent organization backed by the Democratic Governors Association released a new ad, “Clear.”
The ad highlights Republican Congressman Steve Pearce’s shady deals for special interests and the fact that he was named one of the “Most Corrupt Members of Congress” by an independent watchdog group.
Watch the new thirty second ad here.

Narrator: Congressman Steve Pearce: in the pocket of Big Oil. 
He was twice named one of the ‘Most Corrupt Members of Congress’ by an independent watchdog group.
He made millions selling his company’s assets for twice its stated value to an oil company that testified before his task force. 
And Pearce took millions in campaign contributions from oil and gas and weakened laws protecting us from pollution.  
Named one of the most corrupt in Congress, we just can’t trust Steve Pearce.