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DGA Backed Group Launches New Ad in Nevada

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Today, Nevada Families First, an independent organization backed by the Democratic Governors Association released a new ad, “Buzzed.”
The ad highlights Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s record of working on behalf of his billionaire donors instead of fighting for Nevada families. Laxalt took $2.5 million from the oil billionaire Koch Brothers’ network. He opposed efforts to improve Nevada air quality, and opposed expanding health care for 200,000 Nevadans.
Watch the new 30 second ad here.

Narrator: Adam Laxalt’s a very busy bee. But who is he working for? 
Laxalt attended a California retreat hosted by the oil billionaire Koch Brothers. And he got $2.5 million in support from their network.
No wonder Laxalt opposed new efforts to stop polluters even as Nevada’s air quality gets a failing grade.
And Laxalt stood with the Koch Brothers and against Governor Sandoval to deny affordable health insurance to 200,000 Nevadans.
Adam Laxalt: Busy working for billionaires, not us.