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DGA-Backed Group Launches New Ad in Nevada

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Today, Nevada Families First, an independent organization backed by the Democratic Governors Association, released a new TV ad, “Roar.”
The ad highlights the threat Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt poses to women’s healthcare. Laxalt has said he would consider overturning a Nevada law protecting a woman’s right to choose.
Watch the new 30-second ad here.
Kim Yates: “I’m raising my doctor to be strong and independent. In the future I hope she’ll have all the freedoms and opportunity I had, and more.
“But if Adam Laxalt is elected governor, he;d roll back the clock for her generation.
“Laxalt said he would consider overturning the law that protects a woman’s right to choose. And, Laxalt wants to outlaw abortion.
“It’s clear to me that Adam Laxalt would take women’s healthcare, and Nevada, backwards.”