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DGA-Backed Group Launches New Ad in Nevada

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Today, Nevada Families First, an independent organization backed by the Democratic Governors Association released a new TV ad, “Truth.”
The ad highlights Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s true record on education funding. Laxalt opposed Governor Brian Sandoval’s education funding plan, which has injected hundreds of millions of dollars into Nevada’s schools. Now, Laxalt wants to give his special interest backers a massive tax break at the expense of Nevada’s schools. When given the choice, Laxalt has made clear he would choose his billionaire special interest donors over Nevada’s children.
Watch the new 30-second ad here.
Erica Jackson, Public School Teacher: “As a teacher, I know the truth about Nevada’s schools, and Adam Laxalt is not telling it straight.
“It’s Laxalt who opposed Governor Sandoval’s education funding.
“Now Laxalt wants to give corporations, and his wealthy donors, a big tax break.
“To pay for it, Laxalt would take Nevada backwards, by cutting our schools by nearly $400 million dollars.
“So when you hear Laxalt claim he’s for schools, he’s not telling you the truth.”